Technology pioneers in education recruitment

We’ve been helping international students research their study options, and make the best choices for their future, for over 20 years.

Long before everyone had online access to directories, videos or advice, we created a series of CD-ROMs to help prospective students. In 1996 this became a website, StudyLink, still one of the largest directories of courses around the world – more than 250,000 students turn to it for advice each month.

We’ve worked with international offices at universities and colleges throughout the UK, Australia, Europe, Canada and the US, often taking them on a journey through the potential of new technology – from banner ads and click throughs to custom content and online payments.

Early on, we recognised that one of the main channels for recruiting international students is via a local education agent – and that the face to face support they provide is still valued by those students and their families. These agents often represent 200 to 300 education providers globally, and have to manage every application process differently.

This seemed crazy – like a travel agent operating today without global access to flights or accommodation through one central booking system.

So we set about creating a platform that would make that a whole lot easier for everyone.

We called it StudyLink Connect. And now, more than a quarter of all Australian universities are using it to connect with their agents.

In 2012/13, we processed over 90,000 applications from more than 1,200 agents to over 40 universities and colleges around the world. That’s a saving of about 225,000kg (or 225 tonnes) of paper, and 100,000 hours of admissions processing time.

Today, our business combines a unique understanding of both the potential of technology and the practicalities of student admissions management. We can help connect universities with a streamlined admissions system (and, importantly, a higher application conversion rate), agents with a system they actually want to use, and students with a brighter future.

StudyLink. Education Connected.