Australia’s census: Why paying more for IT solutions doesn’t necessarily mean better results

When it comes to IT solutions, paying more does not necessarily mean a better result…Just look at the census experience in Australia

Does paying more for an IT solution mean a better result? Often not.

When it comes to IT solutions, high costs may be subsidising out-dated technology. The most expensive options may not be the best, they may in fact be behind the times and ineffective.

The recent Australian census is a good example of a very expensive and ultimately ineffective solution. Read about how two University students re-built the census in 54 hours, for a fraction of its original cost, by using latest technology and a cloud based solution.

StudyLink Connect makes sure it stays at the forefront of technological advances. It uses up to date approaches and cloud based technology to deliver cost effective admissions management solutions.

Read the full article: How two uni students built a better census site in just 54 hours for $500
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