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APAIE 2018: Opportunities and challenges for admissions in the digital age

Last month at the APAIE conference in Singapore, over 2000 delegates from 53 different countries came together to tackle one question: what impact will the fourth industrial revolution have on higher education in the Asia Pacific? While we took the opportunity to present our research on the emerging tech’s potential to grow global agent connections, we also learned some interesting things. Here are a few takeaways.

Technology is still a major barrier between agents and institutions

Although StudyLink Connect is now the industry standard, many institutions are still working with their own portals – making it difficult to recruit through agents. In fact, we heard that some of these colleges and universities aren’t working with recruitment agents at all because they fear their application processes are too complicated. Agents are facing similar frustrations. Overwhelmingly, they told us that they would like more universities and colleges to implement StudyLink Connect – to help reduce the time and money spent working within multiple, complicated systems. What does this tell us? Some institutions are still reluctant to seize the automations advantage – missing the clear benefits of maximising their global agent connections.

More agencies are consolidating to keep up

As technology continues to transform international admissions, smaller agencies are consolidating with larger, better-resourced agencies in order to invest in their own digital developments. This was a key trend in our discussions with agents at APAIE – and something that also came up in our recent Agent Advisory Meeting.


Agents want StudyLink to service more sectors

Agents would like to see StudyLink opened to more sectors, such as vocational education and English language colleges. This is something we’re very interested in, and we’ll be undertaking user testing on new Agent Portal features over the coming months.

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Australia’s census: Why paying more for IT solutions doesn’t necessarily mean better results

When it comes to IT solutions, paying more does not necessarily mean a better result…Just look at the census experience in Australia

Does paying more for an IT solution mean a better result? Often not.

When it comes to IT solutions, high costs may be subsidising out-dated technology. The most expensive options may not be the best, they may in fact be behind the times and ineffective.

The recent Australian census is a good example of a very expensive and ultimately ineffective solution. Read about how two University students re-built the census in 54 hours, for a fraction of its original cost, by using latest technology and a cloud based solution.

StudyLink Connect makes sure it stays at the forefront of technological advances. It uses up to date approaches and cloud based technology to deliver cost effective admissions management solutions.

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