Streamline your applications process with our

Enterprise solution

Enterprise is a custom admissions workflow and data management system that will simplify your entire admissions process.

Discover the faster, simpler way more institutions and agents are managing their entire student application process.

Streamline your applications

Track and manage your entire application pipeline in one simple dashboard. Process acceptances and payments, and only receive quality applications that meet your selection criteria.

Strengthen your agent partnerships

Every day, hundreds of agents help international students study abroad using StudyLink. Make it simpler for your agents to work with you, with the platform preferred by more than 10,000 agents.

Transform your admissions process

Flexible, user-friendly admissions system that integrates with your broader university management systems. Enterprise features can be combined with existing systems or used independently to suit your needs.

Increase conversion rates

Less time spent chasing information and managing agents, means more resources to build relationships with prospective students – and improve conversions.

With Enterprise, institutions can:

  • Receive international applications through one simple portal
  • View the entire application pipeline on a dashboard
  • Create customised application forms to ensure all applicants submit all the information you need to start assessing
  • Empower agents and direct applicants to view status updates when they need to
  • Provide up-to-date course information and marketing material
  • Customise, create and send email correspondence to applicants
  • Monitor and manage agents’ performance and commissions
  • Monitor and manage staff workload
  • Process acceptances and payments
  • Transmit and store sensitive student data securely
  • Stay compliant and monitor activity with a detailed audit trail
  • Run reports to view and monitor conversion rates.
“The staff are happy, they find it easy to navigate, the look and feel of the system is better, it’s more modern, and it’s also faster in doing certain things such as issuing letters of acceptance.”

Nikki Ekanayake, Manager of International Recruitment,
University of Technology Sydney



Make it easier for direct applicants to apply

With Capture, you can also attract more direct applications through an easy-to-use application portal on your existing website. Create a professional, seamless experience for prospective students and simplify the process for admissions teams.

One portal for direct applications

Students simply enter their information online, submitting required documents digitally.

Better quality applicants

Create customised forms to ensure you only receive applications that meet your criteria.

Faster response times

Assess applications from the moment they arrive, and send automated responses to students.


Reliable and transparent

Reduce manual errors and improve compliance by making it easier to trace applications and files

Accept payments online

Accept online payments for tuition fees and integrate applicant data into your admissions system securely.

Improve conversion rates

Less time on paperwork means more resources to build relationships with prospective students

“Not only can we improve targeting and assign priorities, we are using that data to build stronger relationships internally – staff morale has improved out of sight!”

Monica Turvey, Associate Director of International Admissions,
Western Sydney University



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