Making admissions simple for institutions, agents and students.

Every day, hundreds of agents help international students study abroad using StudyLink. Connect makes it simpler for them to apply to your institution. As experts in international education for almost 30 years, we know how much effort institutions put into recruiting international students. And we understand the complexities involved when dealing with international agents, students and institutional and legislative requirements.

So, we created StudyLink Connect Enterprise, a fully customised and integrated admissions platform now used by almost half of Australia’s leading institutions. And 10,000 agents across the globe.

And with StudyLink Connect, we’ve made it simpler for institutions of any size to manage and streamline their application process and tap into our agent network.

Both Connect and Connect Enterprise are designed to make admissions easy. Simply choose the solution most suited to your institution’s needs.


Make it simpler for agents to work with you, with the platform preferred by more than 10,000 agents.

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Connect Enterprise

Flexible, fully-integrated platform intuitively designed to streamline your entire admissions funnel.

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200,000 applications submitted on StudyLink in 2018