Ahead of this week’s ICEF conference in Toronto, we asked our agents to share their experiences applying to Canadian institutions. Here’s what we learned.

Enquiries to study in Canada have substantially increased

60% of agents responding to our survey have experienced a substantial increase in the number of students interested in studying in Canada, while 20% say they have experienced a minor increase. Additionally, 82% of our respondents expect this number will increase in the next two to five years due to the quality of education and migration opportunities.

Application processes still vary significantly

Many Canadian institutions aren’t taking advantage of the benefits of streamlined automation – as only 5% of our agents reported using StudyLink Connect. Instead, 34% of applications are processed online through institution-specific portals, and 24% by direct email. With 24% of respondents representing more than 51 different institutions, this is likely to lead to inefficiencies.

Slow turnaround time is a major frustration

When asked about their biggest frustration when applying to Canadian institutions, 40% of agents said turnaround time – on average, the majority (63%) experience timeframes of at least a week. Different application forms and varying processes were the second biggest source of frustration.

Agents want more Canadian institutions to use StudyLink Connect

Agents said they believe StudyLink Connect would improve turnaround times, with many saying it would also improve communication with institutions. The top three benefits experienced using StudyLink Connect have been:

1. Easier application submission

2. Having all information in one place

3. Ability to track documents in real time and faster turnaround