Case Studies

Three years on, the proof is in the paperless

The missing link

Three years ago, the Australian Catholic University (ACU) admissions team was battling lost or poor quality faxes, inaccurate or incomplete applications and a paper-based system that just didn’t work. Limited physical storage space also meant applications had to be tossed after six months. So if an applicant re-applied, the team had to start from scratch.

The solution

Associate Director – International Admissions, Diana Stevens, saw StudyLink Connect as the best tool to reach a 24-hour turnaround target for all applications.
“We love working paperless. In fact, over 70% of all applications are now processed online. It’s easier to plan workload, applications are easy to access and trace, and the office is finally tidy!”
Diana has also witnessed significant savings – in costs and stress.
“The live application status updates have really made it attractive to agents to submit online. And the updates have cut ‘noise’ for us – we don’t get calls saying ‘did you get it?’ anymore. The phones really don’t ring as much.”
With StudyLink Connect ticking all the boxes, the team is now set on a 100% online admissions system.
“It’s a powerful tool with the information at your fingertips. You can be on the phone or online with an applicant or agent and pull up the file in front of you. Everything is there – documents, progress, and communications.”
1 million student applications processed!