Time saved is spent with students at Griffith University

The missing link

Griffith University’s International Office had six staff dedicated to data entry, managing the increasing number of student applications and dealing with data duplication. Pro Vice Chancellor Chris Madden wanted an online application system that would be easy to implement and make a positive impact on the university’s relationships with agents. He was also aware that regulations were getting tighter, and minimising the risk of human error was important for compliance.

The solution

StudyLink offered a simple solution that Griffith’s agents were already using – and those agents told Griffith they appreciated they way they could store applications and related documents, and that communication was more efficient.

Chris needed a business case to make the implementation a priority. “How did we convince them? Improved application turn around time. Increases in acceptances, increased conversion rates,” he explains. StudyLink was also easily integrated into the university’s PeopleSoft system.

He says it has given the team more time to follow up on student conversions, because communication is simpler and they’re doing less data entry. They call continuing students who haven’t re-enrolled as well as new students following an offer, resulting in better service for students – and more commencements.

Commencements are now up 37%, and I’m sure that’s partly due to having more staff working on improving conversions, because they’re spending so much less time on admin. It’s a success story.”

Chris says his office is looking into some of StudyLink’s other new features to further enhance the admissions process at Griffith, including diverting applications that meet certain criteria directly to the relevant academic or credit office, and using the new online acceptance payment option to make the whole process more seamless for agents and students.

He would be pleased if other universities adopted the system. “It may seem a market advantage for us not to share this, but I think we have an obligation to improve the perception of Australian education, and we all benefit if we get as many universities as possible using it.”

We are using technology to improve productivity, and the more we can get universities and agents working closely together, the better it is for everybody. StudyLink Connect made our existing systems and processes work better and it has been a very positive experience – all the things we wanted have worked.”