What is Capture?

StudyLink Connect is a simple solution that helps education providers and agents deliver on the promise of electronic admissions. It is the only single portal for agents to apply to multiple providers.

Which means agents actually use it - reducing the number of rejected applications, improving application quality, increasing conversion rates and enabling faster turnaround times. Making more time for what matters.

The future of international admissions.

Capture is the only single agent portal for all providers. It manages your online applications, agent details, course data and more, and updates your agents seamlessly.

Admissions. Agents. Applicants.

Connecting admissions with your agents, applicants and partners. Minimising administration and maximising time for relationships that lead to better conversions. That’s Connect.

Many systems. No solution?

Using multiple systems that don’t talk to each other? Don’t worry. StudyLink Capture plays well with your existing systems and those of your agents.

Simple to use. Simple to set up.

Capture is easy to set up and use. At it’s simplest, set up is building your application forms and turning it on for your agents. Chances are they are using it for our clients already.

1 million student applications processed!