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A smart way for institutions to streamline management of a diverse agent network, provide a seamless application experience and increase their intake of quality international students.



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Transform your application process with Capture

Save time and improve efficiency

Take your admissions workflow online. Track and manage your applications on one simple dashboard, and eliminate incomplete applications. Agents can access real-time status updates, and you can manage multiple agent partnerships on one platform.

Increase conversion rates

With full visibility across more quality applications from an expanded agent network, you can reduce the time it takes to send offer letters and provide the digital experience students expect.

Build trusted agent relationships

The easier you can make it for agents to submit complete applications, the more likely they are to want to work with you. We continue to add new features and API integrations to support a transparent exchange of information between you and your agents.

Make your existing systems work better

No more email document attachments, manual data entry or spreadsheet-wrangling. As the international student admissions specialists, we understand your privacy, regulatory and compliance requirements. 

5 tips to establish a healthy relationship with your agent partners

StudyLink makes it easy for agents to submit and manage multiple applications to your institution via one login – so you get more quality applications that meet your criteria.

Streamline your application process and beat the competition. Agents agree, the first offer excites students the most and they will start to research what it would be like to study there.

Give your agents the ability to track details of an application themselves. Help them deliver a high level of service to their clients, service that reflects on you.

Make sure your agents have up to date program information and training. Agents are representing your institution, help them position it in its best light.

Appreciate the vital role your agent partners play. Get to know them and understand how you can work together to increase enrolments.

Forward thinking institutions succeed with Capture

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