Our Capture solution

The most efficient way for admissions teams to receive genuine, complete student applications and provide a seamless digital experience for recruitment partners and direct applicants.



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Forward-thinking institutions succeed with Capture

Trust one, easy-to-use platform

A modern solution designed by the experts.

Track and manage your applications on one simple dashboard and eliminate incomplete applications. No more email document attachments, manual data entry, spreadsheet-wrangling and status updates.

Save time and focus on what matters 

A streamlined approach to speed up offer letter turn around times.

Automate manual tasks and status updates, reduce time wasted on incomplete applications, focus on nurturing prospective students and increase response times to increase conversions.

Power your existing systems with quality information

Efficient and accurate data exchange.

Create a customised application form to collect complete and accurate data up front so you can get started on assessment immediately.

Strengthen relationships with your partners

Offer a seamless digital experience.

Make it easy for your agents and other recruitment partners to submit and manage student applications via our Partner Portal and integrations.

All the tools you need to streamline the application process and increase enrolments

Partner portal

Make it easy for more agents to submit and manage quality applications to your institution.

Application pipeline dashboard

One easy to use dashboard with a snapshot of all application activity and status

Customised application form

Include mandatory fields (such as GTE) and ensure applicants select the correct intake, campus, package and pathway

Efficient application workflow

Easily identify and merge duplicates, group, filter and bulk change applications

Automate status

Enable online status tracking and schedule automated status updates to agents and applicants

Unique code links

Create 'apply now' links that direct prospects to the application form from your website or other digital marketing material

Manage acceptances and payments online

Enable online payments and acceptances, capture visa and COE information

Agent management

One comprehensive platform for all aspects of agent management


Record all application information and communication in one secure place and view all changes and actions for every application

Distribute resources

Share important information with agents, other recruitment partners and direct applicants via one central hub

Team management

Manage user authentication, roles and permissions and ensure team transparency


Don't use email to store or transmit sensitive student information

Find out why making it easy for agents and other recruitment partners to submit applications is critical to success

Forward thinking institutions succeed with Capture

Find out how Capture can help increase conversion rates for your institution.