For institutions of all sizes, Capture offers affordable and quick access to our key benefits.

Simplicity for applicants and recruitment partners, efficiency for admissions teams and increased conversions.

Institutions who want to provide a seamless, digital application experience use Capture.

Capture provides access to a powerful network of 15,000 agents who consider StudyLink’s online application system to be the easiest and most effective way to submit and manage applications.

With a low cost per submitted app, a simple set up and no complex IT integrations Capture is an effective way for admissions teams to achieve a higher number of successful enrolments.


Power your systems and decisions with quality information

  • Build a customised application form to collect the data you need 
  • Ensure submitted applications have the correct intake, campus, package and pathway
  • Collect structured information to import to your existing admissions system.


Make submissions easy for students, agents and other recruitment partners

  • Use the application platform trusted by 15,000 agents
  • Our APIs integrate with your recruitment partners’ systems – don’t invest in your own
  • Access and promote your institution to a global network of trusted agents.


Improve the way your team operates

  • Stop chasing information – receive complete applications from genuine applicants
  • Reduce time spent on manual data entry and status enquiries
  • Manage a larger number of recruitment partners efficiently via a channel they trust.


Provide a professional and secure application experience

  • Protect private student information
  • Don’t use email and spreadsheets
  • Manage all correspondence privately, within the portal.

Capture features

Partner Portal

I want to simplify applications for my recruitment partners.

Use the application portal trusted by over 15,000 agent users.

Our APIs integrate with many of the major agencies's CRMs.

Automated status updates

I want to stop responding to status enquiries.

Enable recruitment partners and direct applicants to access status updates as and when they need to.

News and resources

I want to provide information to all our agents and direct applicants efficiently.

News and resources channels are an effective way to share important information with agent partners and direct applicants.

Conditional questioning

I want to stop applicants from making errors on submission.


Create a customised application form that ensures applicants select the correct intake, campus, package and pathway.

Application pipeline dashboard

I want a single dashboard view of the application pipeline.

Reference one, easy to use dashboard with a snapshot of all application activity and status.

Efficient application workflow

I want to be able to adjust application information efficiently.

Make adjustments to existing applications and avoid the need for resubmission by an agent or applicant.

Group, filter and bulk change applications to improve application workflow and prioritise workload.

Whitelabelled application form

I want to simplify the process for direct applicants.

A simple link will enable applications to be started, saved and submitted via your webpage.

Collect structured data

I want to prevent users from entering the wrong information.

Collect structured data to import into your student management system or other third party system.

Communication tools

I want to stop using inboxes and spreadsheets.

Keep all application information and communication in one secure place and view all changes and actions for every application.

Data exchange

I want to share application data with our other systems easily.

Export data based on preset schemas and power your systems with quality information for immediate assessment.

Customised Application Form

I want to spend less time on incomplete applications.

Create a customised application form with mandatory fields (such as GTE) so only quality and complete applications are submitted.

Apply now links

I want to assist our marketing efforts.


Create 'apply now' links to direct prospects to the application form and send targeted emails to prospects.

Acceptance and payments

I want to manage acceptances and receive payments.

Enable online acceptance, including any payments via Flywire.

Team management

I want to keep the team organised and accountable.

Tools for team management. Set user authentication, roles and permissions to promote efficiency.


Strengthen relationships with your agents and other recruitment partners.

Spend the time you’ve saved focusing on prospective students.

Speed up offer letter turn around times.

Convert more applicants to students.

Agents love it.

Find out why making it easy for agents and other recruitment partners to submit applications is critical to success.

15,000 agents trust StudyLink Connect as the number 1 way to submit applications to their institution partners

>1.5 million student applications submitted

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