StudyLink Connect launches Priority Assessment Tool

StudyLink Connect launches Priority Assessment Tool

The new StudyLink Connect Priority Assessment tool will enable admissions teams to focus their efforts on high-quality applications, combating issues related to overwhelming submission volume and the rise in high-risk applications.

The Priority Assessment tool combines the institution’s assessment requirements, such as SSVF and sanctions compliance, to automatically analyse each application. These factors are weighted, resulting in an overall score that determines the quality and validity of the application. Applications are flagged and can be filtered based on those flags, empowering admissions teams to prioritise genuine prospects who have been classified as low risk.

By anticipating which of the thousands of submitted applications are most likely to convert, admissions teams can better allocate their time and other resources. A renewed, streamlined focus on converting complete, genuine, low-risk applications provides more time and energy for other value-add tasks that result in tangible results. It can also help universities with compliance responsibilities with regards to high-risk applicants.

“Our platform has seen a 52% increase in applications from India, and with the recent news that at least five Australian universities have introduced bans or restrictions on students from specific Indian states in response to a surge of fraudulent applications, it’s vital for institutions to protect themselves,” says Jason Howard, CEO and Founder of StudyLink Connect “I’m thrilled our Priority Assessment technology is here to help them fill their assessment gap so they can feel confident the applications they are processing are genuine and low risk.”

At StudyLink Connect, we're committed to increasing access to higher quality education by supporting education providers. Our Priority Assessment tool is another example of the many features and options offered by StudyLink Connect to ensure the right data gets to the right people to make the right decisions.

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