Service Excellence Awards

We believe agents deserve recognition for the valuable role they play every day supporting students and their families with important, life-changing decisions.

The StudyLink Service Excellence Awards celebrate agents who create positive outcomes for students and deliver superior customer service. Read the inspiring stories from past winners who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

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Past winners

August, 2021 Nominee

Name: Sukhchain Singh

Agency: Guleria & Guleria Consultants 

Nominated for: Putting the students' needs first 

"One day it was heavily raining in Chandigarh and Sukhchain ( Our Chandigarh admissions officer ) was to come from his home which is approximately 40km away from Chandigarh. I assumed he might not come today but I was surprised to see him in office well in time and found him working on applications. He set an excellent example for other counsellors with the message: Service before Self ! Well done Sukhchain!  Whether he is rewarded or not G&G have recognised his this sincerity, honesty & dedication and awarded him suitably."

August, 2021 Nominee

Name: Sangit Sah

Agency: Aus Studies Pvt. Ltd.

Nominated for: Providing superior customer service  

"Sangit has a high level of detail and provides a lot of support and guidance to his students, especially at the application submission stage. Sangit loves using StudyLink Connect, as it makes the process efficient for him as well as his students."

Sangit Sah
Esra Topuzlu

July, 2021 Nominee

Name: Esra Topuzlu

Agency: Hub Edu

Nominated for: Providing superior customer service  

"Esra identifies the students need for support not only for their education and visas but beyond. She assisted the students with employment by networking them with business people. Esra looked after their health concerns by advising them of doctors and counselling especially during the pandemic when they felt isolated and lonely"

May, 2021 Nominee

Name: Arjun Kharel

Agency: AE Global Sydney

Nominated for: Putting the students' needs first  

"He is full of positive vibes and always on time, keeping track of all applications and reminding students about the process and helping them to do better"


May, 2021 Nominee

Name: Prakash Kandel

Agency: KBA Global Pty Ltd

Nominated for: Providing superior customer service  

"Prakash is always ready to help our clients with genuine consultation, enrolment and visa assistance, and even going the extra mile by helping the students during off hours. His dedication and work ethics keeps us motivated and sets a great example. Keep up the good work!"

March, 2021 Nominee

Name: Shinta Sari Sasmita


Nominated for: Providing superior customer service  

"Shinta is very hardworking, she takes care of her students and even looks after them after they have arrived in their study destination. She is caring and puts her colleagues and students first. Shinta is nice and she's always wiling to help people"

March, 2021 Nominee

Name: Cindy Lin

Agency: Eduyoung

Nominated for: Providing superior customer service  

"Cindy has always shown professionalism when dealing with both education providers and student clients. She attends to issues promptly without missing any details."

March, 2021 Nominee

Name: Hira Laraib

Agency: MI Education Maan International 

Nominated for: Providing superior customer service

"During Covid19 outbreak our team was facing a lot of difficulties in student application management and a few of our staff members working from home could not efficiently look after, Hira. She was a new hire at that time and she managed everything very nicely, Introduced a CRM and provided solutions to all admission related problems. Provided timely response to all student queries and responsibly handled each student application. Her leading abilities saw her reach a supervising position very quickly."

March, 2021 Nominee

Name: Sangit Sah

Agency: Aus Studies Pvt. ltd

Nominated for: Going the extra mile

"We have been using StudyLink for the past 5 years and I found Mr Sangit is excellent in submitting applications ."

March, 2021 Winner

Name: Stanslaus Kitimbo

Agency: Solid Higher Education Consultancy Limited

Nominated for: Setting a great example for the team

"Mr Stan is committed to his students. He has travelled to embassies to follow up on a students' visa which took longer than usual. Mr Stan has accompanies students to the airport in the middle of the night and at odd hours to make sure that students board safety. Mr Stan has also travelled abroad to visit students. "

March, 2021 Nominee

Name: Fatima Ramjan

Agency: IDP Education Kuwait 

Nominated for: Going the extra mile

"Fatima is a positive team spirit."

March, 2021 Nominee

Name: Amson Adeleke Ifekoya

Agency: Lekkside Education Consultant

Nominated for: A positive team spirit

"Lekkside Education Consultants are proud to have Amson contribute to our team and one of the most successful recruitment companies in Nigeria. Amson guides prospective students towards appropriate education opportunities around the world. "

March, 2021 Nominee

Name: Nadeem Khan

Agency: AEO-Pakistan

Nominated for:Providing superior customer service

"Nadeem is dedicated and responds to students' queries even after office hours."


November, 2020 Winner

Name: ArjunKharel

Agency: AE Global, Sydney

Nominated for:Putting the students’ needs first

"Arjun has been an outstanding member of our company. He has helped hundreds of our students on every occasion, whether be it staying back late and lodging their visa or lodging student applications to different colleges and universities."

October, 2020 Winner

Name: Prashanna Dahal 

Agency: Expert Education and Visa Services, Sydney

Nominated for: 

  • Putting the students’ needs first
  • Providing superior customer service
  • Going the extra mile
  • A positive team spirit
  • Setting an excellent example for the team

"Prashanna has been a source of inspiration for all of us during our work."


September, 2020 Winner

Name: Asif Chaudhary

Agency: Nexco Consultants, Sydney

Nominated for: Going the extra mile

Asif's team tell us "Asif is always focused on the student's long term goals rather than short term planning".

August, 2020 Winner

Name: Fiona Zhang

Agency: OzStudy Group, Melbourne, Australia

Nominated for: A positive team spirit

Fiona is always there for students whenever they need her and does a terrific job juggling work and family commitments.

Fiona's team tell us "We are moved by her attitude towards her role and are glad to have her on board".


July, 2020 Winner

Name: Kelly Lou

Agency: EIC, Adelaide, Australia

Nominated for: Setting a good example for the team

Kelly “our most energetic employee” takes the time to understand each student’s needs, explain the different study options and ensure they receive the best study plan for them.

June, 2020 Winner

Name: Eman Nabil

Agency: IDP, International Education Specialists, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Nominated for: A positive team spirit!
Eman helped a student who had almost no chance to apply from her home country. Eman researched the home country's VISA regulations, got the client an offer letter, followed the VISA process through to approval and now the student is in Australia!


May, 2020 Winner

Name: Zahid Al Hasan

Agency: HBD Services, Sydney

Nominated for: Putting the students' needs first

April, 2020 Winner

Name: Maya Jabbour

Agency: StudyCo Agency

Nominated for: Going the extra mile


March, 2020 Winner

Name: David Gurung

Agency: Boomerang International Educational Services

Nominated for: Going the extra mile

March, 2020 Winner

Name: Erdenetogtokh Enkhchimeg

Agency: Bridge Blue Pty Ltd

Nominated for: Setting an excellent example for the team


March, 2020 Winner

Name: Thais Lemos

Agency: West1

Nominated for: Providing superior customer service

March, 2020 Winner

Name: Rhodelio Campilan

Agency: AECC Global

Nominated for: Providing superior customer service


March, 2020 Winner

Name: Oluwatosin Taiwo

Agency: British Canadian International Education

Nominated for: Putting the student's need first