We believe all decisions should be educated ones.

We believe in the power of informed choices. 

That’s why our business is built on giving institutions, agents and students access to technology that provides the right information at the right time – so they can achieve the best outcomes.

With StudyLink, institutions are able to attract more quality students who are prepared to succeed with them. Agents can provide clear, timely guidance to students and keep them updated at every stage. And students can feel confident in making the life-changing decision to study overseas.

As a result, we can expand opportunities for people through education – and make the world a better place.

Our story

More than 30 years ago, we saw an opportunity to improve the way international students made decisions about their higher education study. And we understood how technology could fill the gap – giving more people access to the right information to make smart decisions. 

First, we turned traditional paper-based course directories into interactive CD-ROMs. We then launched one of the world’s first course directory websites, and guided our clients through the new language of digital marketing. 

Working closely with our university partners, we soon realised other ways we could help them make international student admissions more efficient and transparent – and improve outcomes.  

We're driven by your success

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